One of the most important areas of risk management for business owners and self employed contractors is planning for unexpected financial burdens.

For example, a main contractor going bust, loss of income following an accident or illness or a major health scare affecting you or another member of your family.

Illness & Income Protection

While it’s common for tradespeople to insure their vehicle, in fact your most valuable income earning asset is probably yourself. If you’re off work for any length of time then your business and your income may suffer directly. Read more.

ACC Optimisation, Illness & Income Protection

Health Insurance

As a tradie it's important that you get the medical care you need, when you need it, so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. Read more.

Health Insurance


Retention/Defects Liability Bonds

Every year hundreds of construction companies in New Zealand cease trading, often leaving their subbies thousands of dollars out of pocket. A retention bond means your own money isn’t at risk. You get paid in full and there’s no chasing to get your money back at the end of the maintenance period. Read More.

Retention Bonds