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Builtin’s tools insurance is ideal for trade businesses that want to cover the cost of their tools & equipment if they’re stolen or damaged.

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Before you enter into a contract of insurance you have a duty to answer all questions honestly and to tell us anything known to you, and which a reasonable person in the circumstances would include in answer to the questions.

We will use the answer in deciding whether to accept the risk of insurance and, if so, on what terms. You have the same duty to disclose those matters to us before you, extend, vary or reinstate this contract.

If you fail to comply with your Duty of Disclosure, we may be entitled to reduce our liability under the contract in respect to a claim, refuse to pay a claim or may cancel the contract. If your non-disclosure is fraudulent, we also have the option of avoiding the contract from its beginning.


We gather information about you (including your claims history) to consider your application for insurance. Your duty of disclosure requires you to do this. If you refuse to provide the information, we may decline your application or declare this policy unenforceable from the beginning.

This information is held by us and you may access and seek correction of it. It may be passed on to other insurers you deal with, and interested parties.

Your claims history is passed on to, and held by, Insurance Claims Register Ltd. This enables other insurers you deal with to access it, and prevents fraudulent claims.

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