Builtin’s Small Project Guarantee is designed for residential building projects up to $30,000. It gives homeowners peace of mind that the work performed by their builder is independently insured, just in case something goes wrong.

The guarantee protects your deposit, guarantees your project will be completed at the price you agreed and covers fixing defects for up to 10 years.


Builtin’s Small Project Guarantee is for residential building work only. It provides the following benefits (subject to the limitations of the policy):

  • Protects your deposit
  • Guarantees completion of your project at the price you agreed
  • Fixes defects for up to 10 years
  • Repairs damage to the works resulting from a defect
  • Guarantees the materials and subcontractors supplied by your builder
  • Transferable to future owners (a significant marketing benefit at sale time)

A Small Project Guarantee is limited to building work up to a maximum of $30,000. The Guarantee costs $199 for projects up to $10,000 and $260 for projects costing between $10,000 and $30,000.

If your project will cost more than $30,000 your builder will need to apply for a 10 year Homefirst Builders Guarantee. Only accredited builders can apply for a Homefirst Guarantee. Ask your builder to contact us for an application if they are not already accredited.



Builtin New Zealand are specialists in guarantees and insurance for building projects. Having worked exclusively in the construction sector for 15 years, the team at Builtin provide their customers with insurance and guarantees tailored for residential and light commercial building projects.

The Guarantee is underwritten by CBL Insurance, a licensed, Kiwi owned & operated insurer established in 1973. CBL are listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges and are regulated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. They have more than 5 million homes under warranty worldwide.



Homeowners can apply online for a Small Project Guarantee by completing the form below, starting with a premium calculation. You will need to have ready to include with your application:

  • your builder’s Eligibility Number. If they do not have one they must become accredited with Builtin before we can provide a guarantee
  • if any of the work is remedial in nature or involves structural work or work to the external building envelope a copy of your builders’ written quotation will also need to be attached

Once your application has been accepted we’ll send your Guarantee Certificate by email.

Builders, become eligible to provide Builtin's Small Project Guarantee

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