Let Us Help You Set Up Kiwisaver

Builtin has partnered with Booster to make it easy for self-employed tradies to sign up for a Kiwisaver account. Get in touch today and we’ll help you through the process.

Already in Kiwisaver?

Whether you’re on wages or an independent contractor you should review your fund to make sure it’s set up to suit your needs. Should you be in a growth, balanced or conservative fund? This will depend on your age/lifestage and being in the wrong one could cost you tens of thousands of dollars by age 65.

Action: speak to your fund provider or adviser and adjust your settings if needed. Or contact us at [email protected], or on 0800 284 584.

Not in Kiwisaver?

Self-employed people can set up their own Kiwisaver fund. Every Kiwisaver benefits from an annual “member tax credit” of $521 (as long as you contribute the minimum amount each year, which is $1,042). Other benefits include:

  1. After 3 years, withdraw savings towards a first home deposit
  2. After 5 years, qualify for a grant of up to $10,000 towards building your first home
  3. Adjust your contributions according to your income

Action: get set up with a Kiwisaver account today. For help contact us using the form below or use Sorted (an independent Government-owned agency) to find a fund and do it yourself: https://fundfinder.sorted.org.nz