Product Range

There are hundreds of insurance products available to cover a vast range of different hazards. While Builtin specialises in construction businesses and risks we have access to policies for almost any situation.

What You'll Most Likely Need

Public Liability

Covering your liability for accidental damage to other people's property, including allegations of defective workmanship.

Tools & Equipment

Protecting your tools from damage and theft.

Commercial Vehicles

Cover for accidental damage, liability to others and theft.

Statutory Liability

Covers fines and penalties and pays legal defence costs due to unintentional breaches of legislation. Examples include the Building Act, Resource Management Act, Fair Trading Act and Health & Safety at Work Act (legal costs and reparations only).

LBP Cover

Paying to defend you against allegations of errors in Records of Work, complaints to the LBP Board and negligent supervision of non-LBPs.

Contract Works

Insuring the works during the course of construction from accidental damage or losses such as fire, theft, accidental damage, natural hazards.

Employers Liability

Defends you against civil action by employees alleging workplace illness or injury that isn’t covered by ACC. For example stress, cancer or chronic illness.

Professional Indemnity

For mistakes in your professional business that cause someone else a financial cost. Typically covering project management, design, engineering specification and surveying.

Employee Disputes Liability

Provides protection from employment disputes, such as allegations of unfair dismissal, workplace harassment or discrimination. The policy covers legal costs and any damages awarded.

Contractors Plant & Equipment

Protecting your equipment from damage or theft.

Material Damage

Covering buildings and their contents as well as other physical assets.

Bonds & Guarantees

Guaranteeing your obligations to a third party, or guaranteeing their obligations to you. Including builders guarantees, retention & performance bonds.

Health & Medical

Covering hospital and other medical costs.

Income Protection

In case you're unable to work through accident or illness.


Providing a lump sum on death or terminal illness.

Property & Assets


Machinery Breakdown + Loss of Profits

Marine Hull

Business Interruption


Marine Cargo


Delayed Start Up/Advanced Loss of Profits

Advanced Consequential Loss


Bailees Liability

Carriers Liability

Cyber Liability


Directors & Officers Liability

Criminal Prosecution Defence Costs

Intellectual Property

Medical Malpractice

Trustees Liability

Products Liability

Service & Repair Liability

Environmental & Pollution

Manufacturing Liability

Technology Liability

UAV (Drone) Operators Liability

Financial Risk, Bonds and Specialist Lines

Bonds In Lieu of Retentions

Performance Bonds

Advance Payment Bonds

Contractors Bonds

Trade Credit

Builders Guarantee

Excess Buyout

Mortgage/Payment Protection

Personal Accident & Sickness


Legal Expenses

Key Person

Your Personal Assets



Private Vehicle

Classic Cars


Caravans and Motorhomes

Watercraft (Boats, Jetskis)

Renters Insurance

Landlords Insurance