Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Get back on the road quickly with Builtin’s commercial vehicle cover. It’s great cover with fast claims service from New Zealand’s largest insurer.

What’s Covered

Ute, Vans & Trailers

Comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only options

Trucks and Light Machinery

Including diggers and hired equipment

Both Commercial & Private Use

Private use of business vehicles is automatically covered

Loss Of Use

Optional cover for a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired

What Is It?

A commercial vehicle insurance policy includes two sections: 

Section One covers accidental loss to an insured vehicle occurring anywhere in New Zealand, including transit between islands of New Zealand, during the period of insurance.

Section Two insures you against your legal liability to pay damages for:
1. Accidental bodily injury to any person; or
2. Accidental loss to any property,
occurring in New Zealand during the period of insurance and arising from the use of an insured vehicle (including whilst being loaded or unloaded).


The Comprehensive option includes cover under both Section One and Section Two of the policy.

Third Party Fire & Theft includes some of Section One, in relation to damage by fire, lightning, explosion, theft or unlawful conversion (including attempted theft) and protection against uninsured third parties. It also includes Section Two cover.

Third Party Only cover just includes Section Two.

Explainer Video

This short video explains the key points of commercial vehicle insurance.

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Claim Examples

A builder’s new wagon was stolen while they were away on holiday.
A builder’s apprentice went off the road in the company ute, causing extensive damage.
A plumber clipped the side of their customer’s house when reversing out of their carport, causing damage to both the van and house. The third party liability cover within the motor vehicle policy paid to repair the building damage.
A roofer’s trailer was stolen from outside a work site. As they are road registered trailers must be insured as commercial vehicles.
A bricklayer was in a car accident involving another vehicle.

A significant weather event in February 2023 caused extensive flooding. Silt and contaminated water damaged the policyholder’s vehicle and resulted in it having to be written off.

Policy Key Facts

This is meant as a summary of the most important items in the policy.  For a complete understanding of what it does and doesn’t cover you should always read the full policy wording.


In additional to accidental loss and damage to the vehicle comprehensive cover also includes:

  • windscreen and window glass breakage (no excess)
  • signwriting
  • goods in transit
  • recovery costs
  • business use cover for employees’ vehicles
  • misfuelling and fuel contamination
  • keys & locks
  • substitute vehicle following theft
  • uninsured third party protection

Third party liability is insured up to $10,000,000. The liability section of the policy includes:

  • vibration or weight damage
  • your liability for vehicles not owned by you but being used for your business
  • liability incurred by the principal of any construction project for accidental damage by your vehicle
  • consequential losses to the owner or hired in vehicles
  • punctures
  • mechanical breakdown
  • rust or corrosion
  • consequential loss
  • accidental damage (if your policy is third party only or third party, fire & theft)
  • theft (if your policy is third party only)
  • an excess is payable for each claim. If the claim is not your fault your excess may be waived or refunded. Windscreen and window glass claims have no excess (in most cases)
  • the maximum amount payable is the market value of the vehicle or the sum insured, whichever is the lesser
  • a policy can have one or multiple vehicles listed
  • vehicles can be added and removed anytime during the policy period (you have up to 30 days to let us know)

Builtin’s Added Benefits

Builtin have negotiated a set of preferential terms and benefits for our clients. These are in addition to the standard policy wording, or would normally come at an additional cost.


Unspecified trailers you own, hire or borrow are covered automatically up to $2,000, provided they are not insured elsewhere. You can also add trailers to your policy up to $2,750 for no premium.


Builtin’s policy automatically includes cover for accessories and spare parts up to $5,000. They must be stored at your office or depot, your home or any secured worksite.


Vehicles with Comprehensive cover can also be insured for “loss of use”. This means if the vehicle is off the road while awaiting repairs the policy will pay towards hiring a replacement vehicle. You can choose how long the payments continue for and for how much:

Amount Per Day Cost For 14 Days Cover Cost For 28 Days Cover
$100 $80 $155
$150 $115 $230
$200 $155 $310
$300 $230 $465

Cost excludes GST. The benefit must be added per vehicle and there is a 5 day stand down before the cover starts. Call us on 0800 284 584 or email [email protected] if you’d like to add it.

How Much Does It Cost?

Having your vehicles insured will save you thousands of dollars if they’re stolen or involved in an accident. Not to mention being able to get back on the road quickly if something happens.  And if you’re responsible for an accident the third party liability part of the policy will cover those costs too.

Terms & Conditions

View our current policy wordings. Existing policyholders may be on a previous version. Specific endorsements to this wording will be individually noted on your policy schedule. In some cases we may recommend an alternative insurer, if so we’ll send you their policy terms & conditions.

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