If you’re self-employed and paying your own ACC levies you may be missing out.

Builtin speaks with thousands of builders and other LBPs up and down the country every year. One message comes through loud and clear: you’re not doing enough to protect your income if something happens and you can’t work.

It’s estimated that 80 in every 100 of you have not optimised your ACC cover or put in place adequate protection in case of illness. And yet this is one of the most common risks to your ability to bring in an income. Even those who do have insurance often face long stand down periods before receiving any payout.

That’s why we’ve launched our new BUILTIN RECOVER loss of earnings plan, which is open to all builders & tradies.

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As a trade professional working in an industry with unique challenges, does your insurance match the risks you face?

You face liability for accidental damage to property, the cost of fixing faulty or defective workmanship and the risk of loss or damage to property from theft, fire and natural hazards.

In addition to this, builders have liability for 10 years under the Building Act and have a duty of care under the law to ensure that everything you build is fit for purpose.  Mistakes, errors and omissions that result in a loss for your client (or anyone else for that matter) can be messy, and if lawyers get involved will be costly!

It makes sense to ensure you have the right cover in place, cover that is tailored to your unique needs, risks and potential claims as a construction trade professional.  Builtin’s policies are tailored to the building industry, giving you cover you can’t find anywhere else.

Find out what the right cover costs

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Builtin Insurance for Builders & Tradespeople

Homefirst Accredited Builders can offer their clients New Zealand’s best independent 10 year guarantee, and at the same time protect themselves from future liability for defects.

Builders have liability for 10 years under the Building Act and a duty of care to ensure that everything you build is fit for purpose.  Providing your clients with an independently-insured 10 year guarantee from Builtin gives your clients peace of mind as well as insuring you from future liability for defects.

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