Builtin works exclusively with construction trade businesses, which means our premiums are competitive and our policies are tailored for the risks tilers and waterproofers face.

This includes covering your liability for accidental damage, negligence and mistakes as well as your tools, vehicles and income if you get sick and can’t work.

Public liability insurance

This covers claims for accidental property damage or loss (and in some cases injury). Our policy automatically includes cover for damage caused by faulty workmanship. Read more.

Public Liability Insurance

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Statutory liability insurance

This covers you for the fines and penalties imposed under New Zealand Acts of Parliament.  It also covers the costs of defending these cases in court if necessary.  While health & safety fines cannot legally be insured for, the policy will pay legal defence costs if you're prosecuted and reparations if they are awarded by a judge. Read more.

Statutory Liability Insurance

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Professional (Errors & Omissions) Indemnity

This will cover your legal costs and damages if you and/or your business are held responsible for a mistake that has caused someone a financial loss. Read more.

Professional Indemnity

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Tools & Mobile Assets Insurance

Cover the cost of replacing your tools & other mobile assets if they're stolen or damaged.  Benefits include replacement value cover, so you can buy new for old, and fast claims response times, so you can be back up and running quickly. Read more.

Tools Insurance

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Protect your business vehicles anywhere in New Zealand. Full Cover, Third Party Only and Third Party, Fire & Theft options are available. Builtin's policy automatically includes signwriting at no additional cost. Read more.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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Illness & Income Protection

While it’s common for tradespeople to insure their vehicle, in fact your most valuable income earning asset is probably yourself. If you’re offline for any length of time then your business and your income may suffer directly. Read more.

ACC Optimisation, Illness & Income Protection

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