Insurance for Construction Infographic

Simple policy explanations with examples

The ins and outs of insurance can be confusing for anyone. As with any contract they have to cover a lot of different situations, which means they can be long and difficult to grasp in simple terms. This especially true for liability cover, as events can be incredibly...

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Have you protected what’s most important to you?

At this time of year it’s common for people to spend time thinking about what’s important to them. For many family is top of the list. Here’s a quick overview of the most common policies, like loss of earnings/income protection, to protect you & your family if something unexpected happens.

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5 things to get sorted before you go on holiday

We know from experience our customers are often under pressure to finish projects before Christmas, and with lots on your mind some important things can get over-looked in the rush. These five tips will help ensure nothing that could ruin your holidays falls through...

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