We know from experience our customers are often under pressure to finish projects before Christmas, and with lots on your mind some important things can get over-looked in the rush.

These five tips will help ensure nothing that could ruin your holidays falls through the cracks.

1. Secure your sites and take all your tools with you

They’re more vulnerable to thieves when closed up for the holidays, as no one is regularly on site and neighbours may be away. Make sure they’re as secure as possible, take your tools off site and put them somewhere safe.

2. Check the expiry date on your contract works insurance

If you’d planned for the job to finish before Christmas, but it’s been delayed, make sure your contract works policy has been extended into the new year. Also be aware of any “cessation of work” clause, which may void the policy if the works are unattended for a certain period of time.

3. Remember to arrange travel insurance well before you leave

Don’t leave it to the last minute, you might not be able to get it at short notice and it’s even more difficult once you’ve started your trip. Don’t even consider going overseas without it. Compared to the cost of medical treatment or having to make alternative arrangements it’s well worth it.

NOTE: Recent volcanic activity in Bali has highlighted the importance of making sure you understand what your policy will and won’t cover in respect of risks known prior to travel.

4. Insure any new vehicles, boats, jetskis, caravans, motor homes or other toys before you drive them away

It may be the last thing on your mind but it’s important to arrange insurance on any substantial purchases before you collect them. This includes notifying your insurer of items that must be separately listed on your contents policy (like jewellery). Thieves are very active over Christmas, so expensive gifts should be insured too.
Also make sure registrations and WOFs are up to date and vehicles are in a good condition to be used for holiday travel (tire pressure OK, lights work, oil checked etc). And check that your drivers license is current!

5. Make sure your family is looked after if the worst happens

Spending time with family over the holidays often prompts people to think about what would happen to them if something serious happened. Is your will up to date? Is your life insurance sufficient? Do you have cover in place for serious illness? Contact us for an insurance review before Christmas.

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