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The Building Hub has partnered with Builtin to provide insurance, risk advice and support to members.

Builtin Benefits

Construction Sector Expertise

All our customers are in the construction sector, so our understanding of the risks you face and the cover you need is second to none

Responsive Service

We know you’re busy and need things sorted quickly, so that’s what we aim to do

Making Your Life Easier

We aim to make the process of arranging, amending, renewing and claiming as painless as possible

A Relationship for the Long Term

As trusted risk advisers our role is to ensure our clients have the best possible cover with the best possible service. That’s been the focus of our business for more than 20 years and it’s why customers choose us year after year

Speak With An Adviser

Builtin’s advisers are experts in helping Licensed Building Practitioners and other construction-related professionals and businesses assess and manage their risk. 

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Examples of Cover You May Require

Public Liability

Covering your liability for accidental damage to other people's property, including allegations of defective workmanship.

Tools & Equipment

Protecting your tools from damage and theft.

Commercial Vehicles

Cover for accidental damage, liability to others and theft.

Bonds & Guarantees

Including retention, advance payment & performance bonds.

Contract Works Insurance

On an annual or project by project basis.

Material Damage

This can include office contents & equipment, as well as buildings and other physical assets.

Health & Medical

Covering hospital and other medical costs.

Income Protection

In case you're unable to work through accident or illness.


Providing a lump sum on death or terminal illness.

Additional Benefits

Builtin’s mission is to help construction professionals manage their risk. But we (and you) can’t do this alone. That’s why we’ve built partnerships with other like-minded industry businesses, to bring our customers a range of great benefits and services. Check them out below.

With a HazardCo membership you gain access to all the tools you need to simply and easily manage Health and Safety in your workplace. It allows you to cut down on the time-consuming parts of health and safety and get back on the tools. Builtin customers get 10% off their annual HazardCo membership. Find out more.

Tradie HR is dedicated to providing human resource support tailored to Kiwi trades businesses of all shapes & sizes. This includes legally compliant contracts and processes, people strategy, problem solving and advice. Builtin customers get one hour of consultation with Leigh for free. Find out more.

The Trades Coach

Andy Burrows is the Trades Coach. He helps the owners of trades-based businesses sort out their business frustrations and helps them get a life. He specialises in mentoring and coaching and Builtin customers benefit from a free strategy session. Find out more.

Claim Examples

Liability for Grout Discolouration

Our Auckland-based insured was contracted to tile a new bathroom in January 2020. Subsequently, the grout began to discolour. An independent assessment was conducted and the cause determined to be a problem with the grout mix prepared by the tiler. The third party wanted another tiler to complete the remediation work.

A cash settlement of $13,500 was paid, with the insured contributing $1,000 as their excess under the faulty workmanship clause.

LBP Complaint

Our client replaced a window and did some minor cladding repairs. It was understood that the work would not include finishing as the homeowners wanted to keep costs down by doing the prep and painting work themselves.  They were also unwilling to pay for scaffolding and supplied a secondhand window.

Upon completion of the work the homeowners refused to pay the final invoice and alleged that the work was below standard and included faulty workmanship.

A complaint was lodged with the Building Practitioners Board (BPB) and a claim under the insured’s statutory liability insurance was made. Lawyers were appointed to act on behalf of the client and a submission to the BPB was made refuting the complaint.

The BPB elected not to uphold the complaint or hold a hearing on it. Legal fees paid under the insured’s policy were over $18,000.

Cracked Benchtop

A stone benchtop had cracked when the builder lifted it to adjust the position of the cupboards underneath. A claim under the contract works insurance policy was declined on the basis that the damage was caused by faulty workmanship. We disputed this and pursued it strongly but were not successful. Instead, we lodged a claim under the insured’s liability policy, which was with a different insurer.

The liability insurer agreed that the benchtop was owned by the third party and the damage was accidental not faulty workmanship.

This triggered settlement of the claim to the value of circa $7,000, less a $1,000 excess due to the benchtop being in the care, custody and control of the insured at the time of the loss.

Client Testimonials

You guys have always been very helpful and whenever I’ve needed something you’ve sorted it out no trouble.

Brian Fryer

BECC Builders Limited

I like the guys at Builtin because they are a personable, family business that cares about their customers, just like we do. They’re also specialists in construction, so I can rely on them to give us the cover we need.

Sam McCarthy

McCarthy Builders Limited

I couldn’t be more impressed. Claims have always been handled quickly, without any hassles.

Ray Watkins

Ray Watkins Building Contractors

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