Insure Your Assets

Replacing lost or damaged property can be very expensive, not to mention the effect it has on a business’s ability to operate.

Common Examples


From utes & trailers to heavy trucks

Mobile Assets

Including office equipment and electronic devices, hand tools, power tools and construction machinery

Contract Works

Insuring the project from start to finish (and beyond)

Protecting Your Assets

Contract Works

Insuring the works during the course of construction from accidental damage or losses such as fire, theft, accidental damage, natural hazards. Read more.

Mobile Assets

Protecting your tools & other equipment from damage and theft. Read more.

Commercial Vehicles

Cover for accidental damage, theft and liability to others arising from the use of the vehicle. Read more.

Contractors Plant & Equipment

Protecting your equipment from damage or theft.

Material Damage

Covering buildings and their contents as well as other physical assets.


Protecting assets as they are transported from place to place.