Public liability insurance protects you from claims for accidental loss or damage to other people’s property (and in some cases injury). Our policy automatically includes cover for damage caused by faulty workmanship.


Public liability insurance is generally defined as indemnifying the insured for their legal liability for damages in respect of accidental damage to another person’s property (and in some cases injury), happening during the period of insurance and that is caused by an event in connection with the business of the insured.



If a house that you built or worked on burned down some time later, and the cause was found to be a nail accidentally hammered into an electric cable, the house owner or their insurer will probably hold you liable, either as the main contractor, or as a sub-contractor. In that case you’d expect your public liability insurance to cover you, wouldn’t you? Well, sorry – not so.
Most insurers deem the house to be a product on which you have been working, and general public liability policies exclude cover for the product itself, only covering third party property. So, if the house next door also burned down because the fire spread, you will probably be covered for that, but not for the original house! Our policy is designed specifically to cover you in such situations.

In another recent example a builder who had installed roof insulation was accused of damaging the ceiling, with the homeowner demanding that he pay thousands of dollars to replace it. The builder made a claim to his insurer, but this was denied because they said the ceiling was the product on which he had been working, which was an exclusion under his policy. With Builtin’s Public Liability insurance that claim would have been paid.

A sub-contractor installing Gib accidentally put a screw through a water pipe. Over a period of months water leaked down inside the wall causing substantial damage. The homeowner then went after the builder for compensation. You’d expect that to be covered by your public liability insurance, but it probably won’t be, because the insurer could say that the wall was the product being worked on, which is excluded. And the cost to repair the pipe won’t be covered either, because many insurer’s policies exclude ‘faulty workmanship’. Our policy covers the property you’re working on and damage caused by faulty workmanship.


And what if you are held liable for say, damaged windows caused by someone using sandpaper on the frames? You’d expect that to be covered by any contract works insurance policy, but again it probably won’t be, because of the ‘faulty workmanship’ exclusion. So, the owner or their insurer will seek recovery from the main contractor and/or subbies on the job at the time. Many public liability policies exclude damage caused by faulty workmanship (though usually resultant damage is covered), so no cover again! Our policy automatically includes.



The cost of being held liable for damaging someone’s property could easily run into thousands of dollars, not to mention the potential legal costs if you’re taken to court.  Compared to this, public liability insurance premiums are an essential investment in managing your risk.