Mental health is a major issue for people, and in particular young men, working in the construction industry. Everyone has a responsibility to try and help those who might be suffering. Mates In Construction have some great resources to help, including a 24/7 free helpline: 0800 111 315.

When a Conversation May Be Needed

Have you noticed more fear, anxiety, anger, irritability, sadness and emptiness? Are they withdrawn, quiet, mood swings? Have you noticed less involvement or enjoyment? Has the person’s behaviour or thinking changed? Concentration, distraction, memory, communication – sentences with hesitation, silences or no ending? Is the person distant, overprotective, jumpy, denying or avoiding, taking risks, hungover or impaired, doing things like speeding or taking risks on site? Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling. 

Visit for advice on how to start the conversation.

As An Employer

Despite your best efforts sometimes a worker may suffer from mental health issues, which might be blamed on the work environment. If this situation takes a turn for the worse an employer could be held liable for costs, such as lost income, of an employee suffering from depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health disorders. These are not covered by ACC. Employers Liability insurance will pick up costs related to your liability for these events.